Coffee Bean Square CandlesCoffee Bean Square Candles

Coffee Bean Square Candles

Natural Scented Candles

The fusion of mottled paraffin and outcropping dark-brown coffee beans is simply elegant. This candle is great for those cozy moments: its robust form and subtle coffee aroma makes you feel at home and out of harm’s way.
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Workshop Csömöri Műhely
Designer Jakab Áron
Dimensions 7×7, 7×10, 7×15, 7×20 cm
Ingredients paraffin, pörkölt kávészemek, illatanyag
Colour natúr
Product Code Item Quantity Price
30302080607 Kávészemes hasáb gyertya 7×7 cm   1 325 Ft Currently not available
30302020607 Kávészemes hasáb gyertya 7×10 cm   1 521 Ft Currently not available
30302030607 Kávészemes hasáb gyertya 7×15 cm   2 116 Ft Currently not available
30302040607 Kávészemes hasáb gyertya 7×20 cm   3 006 Ft Currently not available
Hight quality paraffin, long lasting fragrance, cotton wick and roasted coffee beans.

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